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FOX News
Jul 28, 2011 12:00am PDT
with terminal prostate cancer. he was supposed to live only a few months. as britain's foreign secretary notes, that medical advice was, quote, pretty worthless. in a press conference, hague added -- jill i think the appearance of al-megrahi on television screens is a further reminder that a great mistake was made. >> yeah, that's true. it is enough to make a depressed kitten in a bucket even more depressed. >> shouldn't the west go in there and take him out? >> he got two ugly birds in one stone. basically he is out there because they assumed that we gave up on it, right? >> well, yeah. i mean, first of all i think the clip that shows why william hague was never the prime minister of england. but there was a lot of talk when ma grough he was released. there were some scenes related to oil. there was always that byzantine concept. it was the scottish parliament that made a complete mockery of what ma grough he had been involved in. yes, they claimed and they used this crap medical evaluation of mcgraw he saying he would die they moment. would that have been the case, they would release him. of
FOX News
Jul 15, 2011 3:00am EDT
on southwest airlines? >> yes, or the sleezy jet in great britain. >> you have an airline that is called sleezy jet? >> it is nicknamed sleezy jet. along on "bleep" airlines i want screaming children. they should also go on that airline. that could leave bill and me, newly weds to be going to our honeymoon in fashion. >> is this a mixed marriage? >> it means i got a green card. >> kevin, this was an hour and 40-minute flight. couldn't he have gone an hour and 40 minutes without a cigarette? take a xanax and chill out. >> by the way, if you are going to take bill on a flight, there is no difference between him and a baby. he is always dropping turds on his feet. he stinks and you only have to look at his hair. what is up with the airlines? all i can say is they have become fashists. you get on the plane and you are told what to do every two minutes. we need to do what joe says. have an airline with know stewards and stewardesses. you bring your own booze. it is cheaper and the cabin crew locks the door and lets you get along with it. >> this flight attendant or stew which you like to call her sc
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)